1. All sales that are made through the system are final, the following are not accepted or made: purchase cancellations, changes, returns and / or refunds, except in cases where schedules are postponed or canceled for reasons beyond VIVENTIA as a provider of services to BMW Plant San Luis Potosí.

2. The tickets are not sent by mail, so the customer must print their tickets or display them digitally, in order to have access to the tour of the BMW Plant San Luis Potosí, as well as be present at the specified date and time.

3. In addition to the confirmation email you will receive an email from us with all your tickets attached.

4. Authorization. Your purchase is subject to the authorization of your credit card and verification of your bank.

5. Precautions. Before making your purchase please review the tour carefully; date and number of tickets requested, since once the booking is made there are no changes, returns or refunds.

6. Altered and / or duplicate tickets are not accepted. Access to the tour will be controlled by electronic devices of authenticity and verification, in case of misuse and if a duplicate is presented, the first person to enter the tour will be the one that can pass, invalidating any copies of the ticket which may be presented.

7. The customer must be in possession of the credit card used for the purchase of the tickets, as well as an official ID for any further clarification.

8. Guided tours are aligned to production schedule. In case a schedule is canceled or postponed each customer will be notified by e-mail about alternative schedules and about the rescheduling process.

9. We are not in any case responsible for the costs or damages that may be caused to customers by postponed or canceled schedules.

10. All customers who make a purchase at the BMW Plant San Luis Potosí are aware of the limitations set forth in these Terms of Use, which they acknowledge and accept, so they can not file any claim or action against “VIVENTIA” as a provider of services and the “BMW Plant San Luis Potosí” for any error that may occur during the processing of purchases by our ticket sales service.

11. For the moment we will allow access to adults and children 6 years of age or older.

12. Cellphones with camera are forbidden during the guided tour inside due to safety reasons and confidential processes.