Answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below.


You must have your vaccination certificate with complete program to access.

For the time being, access to our tours will be only for people with a complete vaccination program and/or valid vaccination certificate.

You will able to access, presenting the original printed or digital certificate issued by the country where you were vaccinated.

You can contact us via email at

Individual and group visitors’ payments must be made through PAYPAL on our Website. The charge will be immediately made to your credit or debit card. Also payments with cash, credit or debit card can be made directly at the Visitor Center of BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi.

Individual participants (mixed groups):
This type of tour is conformed by different visitors in a group.

– $185 MXN per person.
– $150 MXN per person reduced* price.

(VAT is included)

*Reduction is available for:

  • BMW Group employees.
  • Direct relatives of BMW Group employees.
  • BMW Dealer employees.
  • Seniors (60 or more years of age).
  • Disabled visitors.
  • Students.
  • BMW Club members (for clubs registered under the BMW Clubs International Council).


Exclusive Tours:
This type of tour is designed for groups of universities, schools, companies, etc. This tour may also be taken by visitors that do not wish to be guided alongside other visitors.

– $5,220 MXN
VAT included; invoices can be requested with the tour guides.

The minimum age required for participating in a tour is 14 years. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. In case of a group of pupils with 20 people (schools), they must be accompanied by an adult that will be responsible for them.

About 1 hour and 45 minutes. (105 min.)

No, due to security and confidentiality considerations during our tours, the use of mobile phones and other electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.

For the time being, we will only allow access to persons 14 years old and up who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

We recommend the use of closed and comfortable footwear.

The Plant access will be allowed with appropriate dress code only (high heeled shoes, sandals, shorts or skirt are not allowed).

Entrance with animals is not permitted.

Please arrive to the visitor center 15 minutes before the start of the tour. Delays can only be handled in a limited way since the administration of the factory is linked to production times.

Outside food and beverages are prohibited on plant premises and during the tour. The visitor center snack shop offers food and beverages for tour participants.

Users of pacemakers or insulin pumps are prohibited from entering the body shop. Please notify your tour guide prior to the start of the tour, if you or one of your group members uses these devices.



Children 4 years old can attend the tour if accompanied by an adult.

PC, Tablet or Internet enabled smartphones.

The Zoom link can be shared for up to 50 participants in exclusive groups, the link will be sent to the person who booked the tour.